When you run any video campaign with us, you’ll see exactly which videos your ad ran against, and how your budget was optimised.




Bring your video campaign into the spotlight. With our advanced facial recognition, motion tracking, scene analysis and logo detection, we’ll build a custom channel for your objectives. You can maximise your campaign’s reach and effectiveness, and align with an endless number of targets:

  • Events. Build engagement among millions of fans of any sporting or entertainment event, online or offline.
  • Shopping. From Black Friday to back-to-school to home-and-gardening, we’ll market your product to the right people.
  • Competitive conquesting. Grab market share by running against a competing brand’s content.
  • Movie and game releases. See how the buzz of your upcoming release measures up to the competition, and get recommendations for how to generate even more.



Digital video has become an essential complement to TV buys. Conversant’s content-recognition technology and deep, person-first profiles help us reach online audiences based on viewing behavior like no one else.

Our targeting is the most precise in the industry, with robust profiles built from online data, offline data and contextually measured viewership. We’ll validate and guarantee audiences and build custom channels that match your objectives. And we’ll bring you one-to-one comparisons with metrics across devices and campaigns, such as GRP, TRP and brand lift.

Our key programs:

  • Audience guarantee. Reach your target demo and get insights about the type of content they find most engaging.
  • TV mirror. Replicate your TV schedule across digital channels. Our classification system has 1,000+ contextual labels to target top TV shows, actors and actresses at scale.
  • Audience boost. Engage unexposed TV audiences and light TV viewers, or re-engage exposed TV audiences for greater impact and share of voice.
  • Event. Gain additional presence and share of voice, even in TV-lockout programming.



We know how important smartphones and tablets are to your campaign. We’ll help you generate brand awareness and loyalty by delivering high-quality video to the right devices, with unparalleled value and efficiency.

86% of time spent on smartphones is within mobile apps, and consumers often log into the same services on multiple devices, which can lead to low efficiency due to duplicated reach. We’re able to reach more consumers than our competitors, across all apps and devices. Here’s why:

  • Our matching happens at the person level, not the device or cookie level.
  • We’re integrated with over 20,000 Android and iOS apps.
  • We refresh profiles in real-time, even after cookie deletion, and we continuously correlate data across channels and devices.



Video is no longer one-size-fits-all. With personalised video, you can create and deliver thousands of unique videos across devices and channels, tailored to the people watching them.

Enhance your creative with relevant content, best-fit products and calls to action to meet all your objectives, including:

  • Announcing events such as store openings, concerts and sporting events.
  • Telling customers about your latest promotions.
  • Driving store traffic.

Our powerful data addresses each viewer’s gender, spending power and other differentiators, and factors in regional differences such as climate, attitude and languages.

Our extensive research around video ads’ creative drivers—such as the placement of words, graphics and interactive elements—are helping us drive the most relevant, satisfying experiences for consumers, and the highest returns for you.

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