Case Study


Speaking to individual consumers, one-to-one at scale





increase in return on investment per customer

15 months

Recorded persistence toDrive conversion


Increase in messaged conversionrate, year-on-year

Personalising media to real people gave Dune London a 64% increase

in return on investment per customer


The Challenge

"For us, just because somebody’s looked on our website, it doesn’t mean you should annoy them by only showing ads with that same product – it is not good business practice,” explains Mark Blenkinsop, Dune London's digital marketing manager. "We’re interested in making sure there’s no danger of somebody looking at a product and then getting followed around the internet by that same product for three or four days - it’s something that annoys me and we don’t want to damage our brand.”

The brand sought a solution that could increase return on advertising spend (ROAS), paired with exact, targeted communications, and the ability to recognise potential and existing customers wherever they are. Only that way could they avoid brand damage while meeting higher revenue targets.

Each individual sees a message that's

tailored to their specific needs and interests.


Our Solution

"Conversant’s personalised media solution made perfect sense,” continues Blenkinsop. "People’s attention spans are now so short, you need to be in front of your customer at the right time and in the right place... it gives us an opportunity to tailor the consumer experience and make it personal and more relevant.”

Since Conversant target real people, not segments or cookies, each individual sees a message that is tailored to their specific needs and interests.

"Not only can we show different messages to different individuals based on historical behaviour, we can also show a sequence of messages to the same person.”


"Conversant delivered... I have already

recommended Conversant to other retailers."

The Results

"Post purchase, we can show them a complimentary product like a bag – or build the relationship through brand messaging. If, after a period of time, we find out that this person only ever buys shoes we can use this information to tailor the ads to them. We know what to do because we have the historical data, and all of this is decided automatically, on the fly.

"We had it independently verified. In some cases, the attribution model that we used weighted Conversant as a greater positive influence in the path to purchase than Conversant’s incrementality model did.”

Among the numbers we’ve driven:

months recorded persistancy until conversion
Increase in messaged conversion rate, year-on-year




The Dune Group is one of the most influential global players in fashion footwear and accessories.  Based in London, The Dune Group has over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry and has grown through a passion and dedication to excellence in product development and in-house design, and a commitment to providing outstanding customer service.