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Every time we learn something new about someone—across 7,000+ dimensions, including offline purchases—we add it to their profile in real time. Then for each individual, we’ll deliver highly personalised messages they’ll care about, across all devices —with incremental results you can see for yourself.

Recognition & Reach

Recognition & Reach

Find the right consumers, across all devices, with unprecedented accuracy.

Individualised Profiles

Individualised Profiles

Know how your consumers spend their time and money, across 7,000+ dimensions.

Decisioning & Delivery

Decisioning & Delivery

Deliver the best personalised message to the right consumer, every time.

Measurement & Insights

Measurement & Insights

Optimise your investment to drive incremental sales and access real-time insights via interactive portal. 


Recognition & ReachWe recognise and reach consumers like no one else.

With an unprecedented amount of data, Conversant’s 96% matching accuracy dwarfs the industry average of just 50%. Our understanding of consumers is built from the anonymized transactional data (both online and off) of more than 4,000 retailers. And the depth and breadth of our IDs continue to grow as we observe over 80 billion online interactions every day, across every device.

That’s millions of verified IDs. They’re completely anonymous, scrubbed of all personally identifiable information. And they last a lifetime, so your conversation with each consumer never misses a beat.

Our massive digital reach is on par with Google. And our competitors can't come close to our scale or persistence of recognition.

Individualised Profiles

Individualised ProfilesThe most powerful profiles ever built.

We track over 1 million online actions per second to build each profile across more than 7,000 dimensions—including web browsing, app usage, video plays, email activity, cross-screen engagement, life events, hobbies, ad interactions and product interests.

Persistently and accurately match all your data to the right people, for one persistent view of each customer across devices, channels and media formats. Have ongoing, personalised conversations with millions, on mobile, video, display and social, along the purchase funnel.

Decisioning & Delivery

Decisioning & DeliveryEvery impression on purpose, with a purpose

Every day we make over a trillion real-time decisions about billions of interactions. Each decision, both for the creative and the media placement, is optimised for each person. And it’s made in just milliseconds, globally across 3.3M websites via 6,000 direct publisher integrations and on 173,000+ mobile apps. 

We also take significant steps to deliver ads in brand-safe environments, ensuring the highest level of ad quality. In fact, our proprietary approach to combatting ad fraud is unparalleled in the industry.


Measurement & InsightsSee the power of your performance

We’ve got the most precise measurement and consumer insights in the industry. Your marketing investment will be spent wisely, as we continuously observe and learn from your campaign to keep the messages compelling.

You'll have full visibility into your campaign's power, broken down by channel, location, device, audience, creative and more. For every dollar you spend, you'll understand your incremental return on investment, from direct sales to offline sales and their overlaps, over the lifetime of your customers.

"Conversant is able to reach and reengage our customers with unprecedented accuracy, allowing us to target the most relevant messages at the right times in the purchase funnel."

Joe Orlando
Director of Marketing at The Land of Nod


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