CJ Affiliate wins two Performance Marketing Awards

CJ Affiliate has won two awards at the Performance Marketing Awards (PMAs) 2017:
Best Managed Affiliate Programme alongside TUI, and Best Retail Campaign alongside  Argos and VoucherCodes.co.uk.
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[Infographic] Affiliate marketing ROI: Affiliate customers spend 58% more

New data reveals that customers referred via affiliate marketing spend more per order and per year, plus make a greater number of orders.

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Replicating the consumer-shopkeeper relationship of the 1950s

In a recent opinion piece published on Marketing Week, the founder of Air Miles, Sir Keith Mills argues that brands should be using data-driven insights to be more like Amazon, replicating the consumer and shopkeeper relationship of the 1950s at mass scale.

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True personalisation: Reigniting the value of digital advertising

Working in digital advertising, it’s instinct to keep an eye on the adverts that your family, friends and colleagues are being served. When a friend shows me an online video or article on their device, my first glance is to the adverts that surround that content. I actively look out for what many people seem intent on attempting to avoid - adverts.

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[Video] Advertising Week Europe: The elusive attribution model

Watch this on-demand panel debate on attribution, filmed at Advertising Week Europe, to understand why attribution is failing businesses, and what needs to change for measurement to serve real commercial interests.

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Debenhams and CJ Affiliate launch exclusive affiliate programme

British multi-national retailer Debenhams has today joined CJ Affiliate's network. The network will now serve Debenhams’ affiliate marketing activity in the UK and Ireland. This will be an exclusive partnership from April onwards.

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This is what real personalisation looks like

Increasingly, media personalisation is talked about as a silver bullet for many issues facing digital media today. It can deliver measurable rather than attributed performance and overcome issues with attribution models that preference high volume low-quality media buying - an issue that's also driving adblocking.

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[Podcast] Mobile ad fraud: What, why and how?

In our latest podcast series, we invite a panel of industry insiders to discuss the situation surrounding mobile advertising fraud.

Why has this become such a big problem? What are the fraudsters doing to game the system? And how can reputable individuals and organisations in the industry work to stop this illegal practice?

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Six affiliate publisher types: Selecting the right content partner

Partnering with the right content publishers can ensure the success of an affiliate programme, so understanding these six affiliate publisher types is paramount.
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Bad digital marketing: The '50 First Dates' trap

We’ve all been victims of bad digital marketing. It happens every day, on every publisher site.

You know the drill: you visit a site to browse a product. Let’s say, running shoes. You look at several pairs, including a blue pair of New Balances. It’s a model you’ve purchased before in their store but aren’t ready to buy again just yet.

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Global affiliate revenue growth up 16% during winter holiday period

Affiliate revenue in CJ’s global network of publishers and advertisers is up 16% year-on-year, with an average 4% increase in the number of orders, according to an early release edition of the CJ Affiliate Holiday Report.
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[Podcast] The role of attribution in digital media

We’re very happy to announce the launch of our first series of podcasts, focussed on the topic of media attribution.
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Heightened European consumer adoption of Black Friday and Cyber Monday period

European adoption of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping period is strong and expanding, according to new data gleaned from CJ Affiliate network's retailer performance.

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75% of businesses say personalised communication is essential

Yet only 12% of businesses are equipped for it.
In terms of personalised communication to prospects and customers, there’s a wide gap between current capability and the capability required at the many of the world’s largest organisations, according to a new report.
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Going global with affiliate

There are many ways to go about international expansion within the affiliate channel. Which route to take is dependent on a number of variables based on the advertiser’s existing processes, infrastructure, and technical architecture.

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Publishers: Are you ready for Q4?

Here at CJ Affiliate, we are always preparing for Q4. One great way to do this is to run an activation campaign in Q3 to ensure that you are promoting your top partners in Q4.

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CJ’s Placements Marketplace: Making it easier to partner and earn with affiliate

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely experienced the long and arduous process of either searching for paid placement opportunities or, as a publisher, trying to fill space by contacting advertisers one-by-one. And that’s just the beginning.

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2015 Holiday EU Shopper Report

The goal is to provide business and media insight that will enable our clients to increase their returns over the holiday period. In 2015 we identified that holiday shopping around Black Friday and Cyber Monday was set to become a clear trend that could be leveraged by brands and this was borne out by the numbers we saw when we reviewed the year.

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Solving for Ad Fraud: there's a Way to Beat the Bots

You can spend a lot of time reading our industry’s buzz about ad fraud. When you do, you’ll find that two things are undeniable:
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Why Leakage is never a good thing in digital Media


Today's consumers work and play across multiple devices, which can make tracking difficult. But the problem is not as simple as someone seeing an ad on a mobile device and converting on a desktop. This month we help marketers understand how they can miss out on conversions in a number of different ways.

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Bringing influencers into your affiliate strategy (INFOGRAPHIC)

At CJ, we’re passionate about bringing influencers into your affiliate marketing strategy. It’s something we really believe in but we’re realistic about the challenges, too. So how can we, as an industry, make it work? The answer lies in making influence performance-related.

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Does your marketing technology encourage you to be innovative?

In an increasingly crowded marketplace  of technology designed to support better decision making and campaign optimisation for Marketeers, almost every provider has a reason why you should choose them. Whether it be a series of fancy features and reporting processes that can simplify a particular workflow, or API's to automate the entire process, there is a perfect platform out there for everyone... somewhere.

One thing I have noticed recently through discussion within the Ad-serving and cross channel measurement space, is that very few of my prospects are using their technology with much flexibility, as often other constraints get in the way such as predefined budgets and creative limitations. 

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Solving for the challenges of programmatic advertising

Blog article in response to Digiday article on challenges of programmatic advertising

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Yes, true 1:1 Marketing really is possible

The word “personalisation” has come to define anything even remotely targeted or customised. Marketers want to reach consumers at the person level, minimising the irrelevance and redundancy of their messages—but when they put their trust in so-called personalisation solutions, they end up disappointed. 

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CJ Wins Best in Retail Award

We are delighted to announce that we’ve won the Best in Retail Award for our affiliate campaign with Argos at the European Performance Marketing Awards 2016! The award ceremony took place in Amsterdam on July 4, and was the first of its kind.

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Omni channel is the focus for 2016: Six essentials

A study by the New York based Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) identified programmatic buying as the dominant trend of last year. The possibilities of the automated real-time trade of advertising were welcomed by many for the speed and innovation they brought to marketing while being mindful of issues like data control and transparency. But in 2016 the emphasis has shifted. This year’s number one key trend is cross-channel-tracking, while programmatic buying for new formats was rated second, with the cross-channel identification of target groups in third.

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Introducing Affiliate customer insights

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our most advanced service offering yet: Affiliate Customer Insights. Originally unveiled in September of 2014, this latest release substantially evolves the reporting capabilities to include richer reporting sets, enhanced data visualization, and greater customization to suit individual customer needs.

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CJ Affiliate by Conversant wins again at the Performance Marketing Awards (PMA)

We are delighted to announce that CJ, a leading global affiliate network and part of Conversant, won two awards at the Performance Marketing Awards 2016 (PMA) after being shortlisted for twelve awards at this year’s ceremony. These are the largest and most illustrious annual awards in the affiliate and performance marketing space, which are celebrating their tenth year in 2016.

The CJ team took home two of the most coveted awards for their campaigns with TUI in the Advertiser Innovation and Best Managed Affiliate Programme categories. Additionally TUI was lauded for its work with CJ and won the Industry Choice of Advertiser Award. The award presentation was held in London’s Grosvenor House Hotel on the evening of April 26.

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Watch: How can Marketers match Consumers with their Data?

There are three different ways that vendors match consumers to their devices, cookies and other data. In the video above, Conversant’s SVP of Products Raju Malhotra breaks them down and shares which one drives the most precise, persistent anonymous connections.

In our white paper last month, we look at the five key issues that marketers need to be aware of to help them to connect with real people.

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The 5 keys to connecting with real people - Part IV: the benefits of Conversant’s solution

In our final post on our white paper on ‘The 5 keys to connecting with real people’ we look at the advantages of the Conversant solution and the benefits for clients.

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